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Sep 26, 2012 7:00am PDT
. one of the things they talked about, they said it in "the new york times," let's get mitt romney and paul ryan out on the road together because ryan seems to loosen him up a little bit. but then, you know, some people are making fun of what happened in ohio yesterday. let me play that clip for you. >> wow. that's quite a guy, isn't it? paul ryan. isn't that something? >> ryan! ryan! >> wait a second. romney, ryan. romney, ryan. romney, ryan. there you go. i guess the question becomes are people pushing him into something he's not? he got good interviews in. is the trouble in part when romney tries not to be romney? >> yeah, i think it's ironic that they're saying let ryan be ryan. but throughout then tire process, we've really not been 100% clear who mitt romney is, right, because the guy who was governor of massachusetts, had he run as that guy, he would have been more like the guy we saw on "60 minutes." he's been forced to run this eternal primary where he's constantly trying to please the farthest right base of the republican party and so he isn't really being allowed to make
Sep 26, 2012 10:00am EDT
often hear president obama talking about lincoln, mitt romney talking about ronald reagan, and now "newsweek" is out with a list of the ten best presidents since 1900. sir harold evans w is author offaus "the american century" has a tribute. it's a ploesh to have you here. >> thank you, madam. >> you gaekted together ten distinguished historians. what was the criteria? >> the cteriasha k o active presidents were they. it's very interesting. the historians, all -- every single one of them chose franklin roosevelt as number one. >> why? >> best predent since theodore roosevelt in the beginning of the century. if you ask tm why he did th asivnd effective, those two things. and he had a sense of america's ideal of itself. so they took those creria. they didn't know what the others were doing. they all voted a it's interesting the top three -- around the table and discussing this. >> no, no. it was all in isolation. they locked them in a room with an ice pack and 5,000 volumes of their own works andsaid, come up with -- >> that doesn't soundike fu >> all othem, they pretty much agreed o
Oct 2, 2012 7:00am PDT
. >> let's talk about mitt romney. strengths, weakness. >> mitt romney's strength is that he is, comes across as competent, as a capable human being. as somebody who projects an air of authority, especially when he talks about the economy. that is the private sector track record. the flip side, the weakness is the 47%. some of the attacks he's taken in terms of that business record. i think mitt romney's biggest problem though, chris, is the sense people can't be sure exactly if he believes what he's saying. he needs to project authentic passion for what he believes his plan would do for the american economy to make the 47% lives better as well as the other 53. >> what do you think, e.j.? >> i thought the definitive line on politics, what you need is sincerity, if you can fake that, you can do anything. it's troublesome on this question of authenticate. what is authenticity? romney has taken a number of positions on issues which you will be sure obama will try to sneak in there somehow. he can be ferocious and disciplined. go back to that newt gingrich debate in florida where he dispat
Sep 28, 2012 7:00am PDT
are going come from, talk about the entitlement reforms. talk about how, in fact, it's mitt romney mean-testing entitlement reforms. he's talking about returning benefits to seniors and others that don't make as much money, which is benefit redistribution. >> well, i want to -- a lot of times when you look at where a campaign is, you can tell by how the money is moving. it was somethinging that the billionaire democrat has decided to give a million bucks it to a pro-obama super-pac including another half million for congressional races. before that he didn't think he wanted to do that or get involved. is he seeing a shift, and it's time to back the winning horse? do you watch the money and stay that gives me the indication of the mood out there? >> of course. in politics you always follow the money, and that's a great example. george has seen the poker hand. he sees that obama is holding three aces and romney is trying to drive to an inside straight. he's putting his money on the table now. >> do you think that similarly the republican money is going to start to dry up, or will you see
Sep 27, 2012 7:00am PDT
that carl was just talking about. this tape that was done of candidate romney when he was at the fund-raiser was extremely revealing and now has become terribly devastating to the romney campaign. and what it shows is, i think, a callousness and an attitude toward 47% of the people that we haven't seen in a candidate before. what candidate talks like that and says that, you know, i can't worry about those people and i'm not going to be able to change them and have them have personal responsibility. i mean, it's absolutely stunning to hear those kinds of candid remarks from somebody who wants to be president of the entire country. >> there's another problem with the remarks that the governor is hinting at. also, it's too bad there's not somebody from the romney camp to join us, people clubbing to guy today here on the show. but at the same time, those comments reflect an ignorance about america that is absolutely stunning. a lack of knowledge that i've never seen in a presidential candidate before. how could romney not know that those people are veterans, that those people are people w
Oct 1, 2012 7:00am PDT
. to the larger question, does this go to competence? >> i think every day the romney campaign is talking about something other than the economy is probably a bad day for them. i think it's a sign of their desperation they have to make politics out of what was a terrible tragedy. and i think the obama administration has a lot of good things on foreign policy to talk about. he's president of the united states. i think, you know, the situation was unfortunately and all the information sometimes doesn't come out as timely as people would like because it's the fog of war. but i think people have great confidence in barack obama's abilities on foreign policy and how he's managed difficult situations overseas. >> john, as mitt romney has said president obama didn't level with american people about that. to that quote, here's what david plouffe said over the weekend. >> that is preposterous and really offensive to say that. once information was received, it was distributed. this record on terrorism takes a back seat to no one. >> is there a political danger in going after the president on this? does i
Sep 27, 2012 10:00am EDT
to be talking about competing growth agendas, that ought to be good ground for romney. >> why is that message not getting out? what has he done that's not been effective? >> i don't know. maybe taxes, tapes, conventions. >> 47%, yeah? age ihis campaign.s thi i believe with governor kasich. before governor of 1990, the weekend before in the front page of the paper said i would lose 54-40. these polls are not what voters are thinkg often and i say thdisagn the economic issues. governor romney can't win on those issues, he won't win. but i think he ca >> well, you know, we've also seen and talked about this earlier in the hour about how there seems to be a change in rategy on mitt romney's part, goinout more with his vt shul candate,y gting ohe anin l m interviews. we're seeing a lot more of ann romney. here she was appearing on "the tonight show" with jay leno and "access hollywood" where she called her husband -- we don't have that but cald him the life of the party. ople, steve, helping to try to introduce your candidate at this stage of the game? >> well, i'd like to agree with governor angl
Sep 25, 2012 7:00am PDT
that appeal. what he said is i'd like to know whether governor romney really wants to go forward with a war, a third war and a war with iran, is that what he's talking about. they feel that the american people are not only weary of war, but really understandably nervous about englanlging iran and the likelihood that that would imflan the entire region. >> let's talk about egypt. basically fledgling democracy. there was that statement by the president about whether or not egypt was an ally or an enemy. and cbs this morning talked to the new president of egypt. here's what he said when he was asked about that comment. >> translator: it was warm, it was not hot. >> what's the difference in warm and hot? >> translator: same difference between friendship and being an enemy. we're not enemies, of course. >> but you're friends. >> translator: we're friends. >> allies? >> translator: the u.s. president said otherwise. >> president morsi who lived here for year, went to usc, raised his children when they were young in california and speaks fluent english, chose to speak arabic. he has been saying on
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)